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  • Resco Compact Laminate delivers “village change room” concept at Albany Stadium pool.

    Date : August 7, 2017

    Ablution facility “village” concept, a first for New Zealand, features colour coded unisex facilities. A feature of the Auckland Council’s popular Albany recreational pool is the changing room and ablution facility “village” concept. Popular in Europe and the UK, but a first for New Zealand, the design provides changing rooms with doors colour coded according to use instead of the traditional large gender-divided facilities. Toilets are also unisex and set in two rows adjacent to changing cubicles. There are two sets of open showers. Changing room options, denoted by door colour, are single, double, family or baby. The coloured Compact Laminate doors were specially imported from Resco’s supplier, and under design instructions Resco constructed extra-height Compact Laminate cubicles ensuring maximum privacy. The result, says Albany Stadium Pool manager Tanya Langenbach, is a “fun, friendly” look with clean lines and a robust Resco system which is withstanding heavy use and the Read More »[...]

  • High school opts for Resco Compact Laminate panels for hardy, hygenic benchtops in food tech lab

    Date : July 10, 2017

    Longburn  Adventist College near Palmerston North recently relocated the school’s food tech lab teaching area to be adjacent to the 260-pupil school’s dining room and commercial kitchen. The new fit-out required numerous units including long bench spaces. Roger Marshall, property manager for the school’s proprietor, The NZ Seventh-day Adventist Schools Association Ltd, says he knew exactly who to call when he found the local unit makers unable to supply benchtops within the school’s time frame. Resco Compact Laminate ablution and toilet cubicles are already in place in some of their 16 schools throughout New Zealand says Roger: “Resco are a great company to deal with, we have an excellent long-term relationship with them. They give very good service – in this case at short notice and they delivered on time – and the product is top quality.” Roger says both he and Resco’s product specialist Troy Henriques are confident the Read More »[...]

  • ChemLab Resco benches safeguard AsureQuality’s food testing division work

    Date : June 12, 2017

    The staged upgrade of AsureQuality’s 4,900 sq m food testing laboratory facility includes top-of-the-range Chemlab benches from specialist Compact Laminate company, Resco. The Blockhouse Bay (Auckland) laboratory’s project manager Jarid Van Wingerden says the refit reflects ongoing growth in the work of this state-owned-enterprise. Up to 120 staff work in the microbiology laboratory facility which operates at some level every day of the year, explaining the utmost importance of AsureQuality’s exacting criteria for their laboratory surfaces to be met. Jarid says they got samples of products available and “used and abused them” before making their choice for Resco’s Chemlab in the non-stock white colour, emphasising the overarching concept of sterility. Says Jarid: “We needed to know the material we used had durability, adherence to regulation, scratch resistance and was impervious to liquid. Our cleaning and sterilising agents can be corrosive, so we needed a material that survived all that, for Read More »[...]

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