July, 2019

Sturdy Partitions Provide Long-Lasting Solution for Tauranga Airport

Resco recently provided hard-wearing compact laminate partitions for the Tauranga airport extension.  

The expansion of the Tauranga Airport was designed to accommodate increased visitor numbers and futureproof the airport for passenger growth over the coming years. When designing the airport interior, architects, Jasmax, aimed to create a fresh, modern look that reflects the local Bay of Plenty environment.

For the two bathrooms, bright and comfortable spaces have been created with light-coloured reflective surfaces used for walls, floors and vanities, and wavy-textured splashback tiles adding a nod to the airport’s coastal surroundings. Resco 13mm Compact Laminate partitions in the earthy Laminex Licorice Linea provide an attractive contrast, and are matched with aluminium fixtures powder coated in Ironsand and black hardware for a clean, simple look.

In addition to their attractive aesthetic with simple, uncluttered lines, the partitions also offer a host of benefits; they are highly durable, easy to clean and low maintenance, resulting in a long-lasting solution for the airport.

For Nick Moyes, Principal Architect at Jasmax, the longevity of the Resco partitions is critical for high-traffic projects such as Tauranga Airport. “We select our products based on what is going to be a durable, quality product,” he says. “These are durable, they are highly functional in terms of what they do and they’re a quality product that is going to last for many years.”

Resco’s ability to offer hardwearing accessories was also important for the airport. With passengers carrying much heavier bags than in other settings, all door hooks needed to cope with heavy-duty wear. Resco worked with Jasmax to provide a safe solution, with their standard door hooks proving suitable even for such heavy wear.

With the extension now open, visitors to the airport are welcomed with open, lively and airy spaces — and the bathrooms are no exception. “The bathrooms are bright, clean, roomy, uncluttered and they are functioning very well,” says Nick.

The Resco partitions add an appealing visual contrast to the space, deliver excellent functionality and offer peace of mind to the design team. “The nice thing about the partitions is that they are durable and tend to last without us having to worry about them,” says Nick.