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We are a solutions company; we are here to help architects and builders create superior spaces. Resco custom makes a range of cubicle systems using Compact laminate panels to create superior, low maintenance, functional spaces. Resco ONLY uses Compact laminate, which is perfect for these high use/abuse areas, ensuring your systems are guaranteed to last.

Resco was established in 1995 to make “fit for purpose” toilet and shower cubicle systems for New Zealand. In current ownership since 2010, we are proud to offer a professional, customer focus service. We strive to work as part of your team helping you to create superior, functional spaces.

Based in Hamilton, we are a solutions company manufacturing, designing and installing our extensive range of products throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. We are proud that, with our massive experience and reputation as New Zealand’s Compact Laminate experts, Resco has been chosen to work with leading architects on specialist jobs requiring one-off designs in unique situations and often challenging locations.