November, 2020

Rescos MultiCom Panelling Delivers Stylish Compliance in Wet Areas

Watertight function, design flexibility and cost-effective installation combine in Resco’s Compact Laminate MultiCom wall panel system.  

Proven in demanding high-use environments like school and camping ground ablution blocks and sustained moisture areas such as swimming pool changing rooms, Resco’s MultiCom modular lining system is made from rugged solid core Compact Laminate which comes in a wide range of colours.

MultiCom can be used with confidence in both commercial and residential applications where internal moisture management is paramount. BRANZ appraisal, Building Code and health regulations are covered.

The large prefinished panels are cost-effective both because of their durability and because the panels are blind-fixed using Resco’s fast, unique system with no need for extra conventional impact-resistant backing. If associated Resco Compact Laminate cubicles are used, they have a glue-fixing option developed by Resco which further ensures waterproof membranes remain intact.

Use of Resco’s Compact Laminate products ensures that, by design and by material content, there are minimal dirt traps and surface cleaning times are reduced. An anti-graffiti formulation is part of the surface and all Resco panels contain Antibac, an innovative bacteria-repelling compound that kills 99% of bacteria within two hours of contact, for the lifetime of the panel. Simple lines, rebated doors and no dirt traps allow a high standard of cleanliness with reduced labour input and cleaning product use.