June 12, 2017.

ChemLab Resco benches safeguard AsureQuality’s food testing division work.

The staged upgrade of AsureQuality’s 4,900 sq m food testing laboratory facility includes top-of-the-range Chemlab benches from specialist Compact Laminate company, Resco.

The Blockhouse Bay (Auckland) laboratory’s project manager Jarid Van Wingerden says the refit reflects ongoing growth in the work of this state-owned-enterprise.

Up to 120 staff work in the microbiology laboratory facility which operates at some level every day of the year, explaining the utmost importance of AsureQuality’s exacting criteria for their laboratory surfaces to be met. Jarid says they got samples of products available and “used and abused them” before making their choice for Resco’s Chemlab in the non-stock white colour, emphasising the overarching concept of sterility.

Says Jarid: “We needed to know the material we used had durability, adherence to regulation, scratch resistance and was impervious to liquid. Our cleaning and sterilising agents can be corrosive, so we needed a material that survived all that, for a minimum of 10 years.

“Resco offered the best combination of quality and price and having experienced their service with Stage One and Two of our refit we are happy to stay with them.”

Resco product specialist Troy Henriques points out the Compact Laminate company has two extremely durable laboratory-specific products; Chemlab, chosen by AsureQuality and BioLab, a medium grade bench popular with schools and medical facilities. But the use of Chemlab and BioLab material is not limited to benchtops.

Explains Troy: “Some elements in labs are not performing as well as our benchtops, so more and more architects are considering the use of ChemLab and to a greater extent BioLab material, which comes in a standard range of 15 colours, for lab cabinetry.” ChemLab and BioLab are custom manufactured according to on-site requirements by Resco. “This is a kitset system so architects can feel safe pushing the boundaries, even joiners who are not familiar with lab jobs will find installation simple.”