July 1, 2018.

Resco Compact Laminate handling knocks at Mt Smart.

Large facility with multiple uses – Mt Smart Stadium refit includes tough Resco products.

Last winter (2017) Mt Smart Stadium’s West Stand refurbishment was completed, with Resco’s set of Compact Laminate systems used for the changing rooms and toilets. Resco’s solid core AntiBac panels were used for showers and toilets and Multicom wall lining product used on walls.

Mt Smart Stadium in Auckland, home of the Warriors Rugby League club and venue for other events such as large music concerts, requires facilities that cope with high volumes of people in short spaces of time.

Resco supplies with great confidence, systems designed to cope with rough use and abuse, says Resco product specialist Troy Henriques. “Our robust aluminium framework for the partitions is designed to cope with all the frustration and abuse that may occur in sports change rooms”, says Troy. “The Multicom wall panelling is ideal for mitigating abuse, graffiti and even people punching and kicking the walls. Our unique cubicle pedestals never buckle under impact.”

Management of facilities such as Mt Smart Stadium involves a huge commitment to ensuring a high standard of cleanliness and maintenance, despite heavy use. Troy points out the AntiBac technology lodged within all Resco product surfaces is a significant assistance to facility managers.

Troy explains: “Resco Antibac panels help reduce the amount of cleaning products used. Panels can be simply hosed down. The systems are designed with fewer dirt traps that means cleaning is quicker and easier. Our customers have advised us that they have halved their costs on cleaning and maintenance.”

The anti-microbial technology in the Resco partition panels, wall linings and partition hardware undoubtedly creates a cleaner, healthier and safer space. Says Troy: “In public spaces a lot of cross contamination occurs. Some people understandably feel uncomfortable using facilities that have been used by many others. Our Antibac technology continuously kills bacteria, viruses and fungi on all surfaces for the life of these products. Silver ions within Resco’s Antibac products kill 80 percent of bacteria within 15 minutes and up to 99.99 percent within 24 hours.”