March 3, 2017.

Sturdy Resco Series 7000 Partitions Selected for New Blues Training Facility.

Extra height, super-hardy Resco Series 7000 Compact Laminate toilet cubicles were specified for the new Blues Super Rugby base.

At their Alexandra Park location, the solid core Compact Laminate cubicles are part of changing room facilities which include showers and hot and cold plunge pools that both Blues players and visiting sports teams may use. Understandably the interiors team at Auckland firm Ministry of Architecture + Interiors opted for the toilet cubicle Resco describes as “the most robust system on the market.”

Resco manager Troy Henriques explains: “It is perfect for such locations where there is a good amount of tough use. This system can even cope with players doing chin-ups on the headrail.” Troy says Resco’s pre-finished panels contain an antibacterial compound and are water, impact and graffiti resistant. “In addition to these benefits, the architect wanted a non-standard height for this facility so we made the systems taller to match the tall sportsmen using them.”

Ministry of Architecture + Interiors associate and interiors team leader Lisa Middleton says there are carefully considered design elements linking the facilities to the three nearby mountains and the area’s heritage, but functionality was top priority.

“Because of the intention that these facilities would be suitable for the use of visiting teams, we needed to create an extremely hardy and robust, but generic and calming wind-down space,” Lisa says. She believes having their firm undertaking both the exterior and interior design of the world-class, stand-alone Auckland sporting structure, which includes a high-tech gym and administration base for the Blues franchise, ensures there is a “nice, holistic” result for the project which will be well-used for many years to come.