February 1, 2019.

Holiday Park Owner Expects Years from Resco Compact Laminate.

Jared Adams has been running the busy 1.8ha accommodation facility with his wife Jasmine since 2010, but came to the then smaller camping ground as a child in 1990 when his parents Dave and Carol took it over. Now, with some boundary expansions, there are 80 camping/campervan sites and 18 fixed units ranging from two bedroom motels to basic cabins.

They added a transportable ablution block in 2008 and last year gave the old existing ablution block a “dramatically better” upgrade says Jared. The whole building was “completely gutted” and the Adams’ say the outcome is that their bottom line, “that our guests feel and see the cleanliness, and tell others about us” is more than being met.

It was word-of-mouth that decided Jared and Jasmine to look no further than Resco Compact Laminate products for their ablution block renovation. “We are a close industry us holiday park people, I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t speak highly of the Resco product and service, so it was any easy choice,” says Jared.

Word-of-mouth is also a vital factor the Adams’ are aware of in securing customers. “It’s the nature of the people who travel and use holiday parks like ours to gather in the communal spaces and talk to each other. We know they pass on tips of great places to stay, so it’s very important that everyone’s impression of our place is right up there.”

Jared says their expectation in their refurbishment using Resco is that they won’t have to do “anything at all except clean it” for 10-15 years, and that makes the whole project cost effective. A year of high use in “I feel we are going to get that easily, if anything the colour scheme might date before we will need to do anything else”.

Design means there are minimal dirt traps and cleaning the Resco surfaces is “absolute bliss” says Jared, who notes the use of bleach and harsh cleaners is now minimal in the upgraded block. “That’s got to be good for staff, end users, and the environment.”

Resco product specialist Troy Henriques agrees, saying “Resco’s antibac and anti-graffiti surface properties guarantee value for money and clean, tidy ablution areas for many years”.

Colours selected were: Toilet partitions – Oyster Linea panels and Silver Pearl aluminium; vanities – New Graphite; Multicom wall panelling – White.