April 8, 2016.

Rugged Resco Benchtops Selected for Wellington Laboratories.

Resco’s durable Compact Laminate BioLab laboratory benches are ideal for new Wellington pathology lab, says Creative Spaces architect Hamish Davies.

Creative Spaces were commissioned to design new laboratory work spaces on two levels of Wellington Hospital for Southern Community Laboratories Wellington. This project, which is about halfway completed, is part of the privatisation of pathology services by Capital and Coast Health.

Hamish Davies says previously specifying Resco BioLab benchtops gave them the confidence Resco would “deliver for this client too.” The long panel size, ease of cleaning and rugged surface combined with pricing meant Resco “fitted the bill,” explains Hamish.

“The added benefit has been the level of support from the rep (Resco’s Auckland based Trevor Gribble), which was excellent. Anytime we needed samples or had technical queries he provided great service.”

Resco’s Series 5000 toilet cubicles (in cocoa woodgrain with silver pearl aluminium) were also used in the redesign. Says Hamish, “the AntiBac component in this panelling works for us in this live hospital environment.”

Using rugged, solid core Resco AntiBac panels is the “smart solution,” says product specialist Troy Henriques, who pointed out Resco’s range of products met the scope of needs for the hospital laboratory redesign project.

The Resco BioLab bench product fits application to medical facility use without harsh chemicals, says Troy. However, since November 2015 Resco have also had ChemLab available specifically for labs with more chemical use. Troy explains, “Both lab bench products are made using a specialised Compact Laminate, with an exceptional finish. ChemLab is fitted to the most demanding lab environments with a very high resistance to chemicals. Both ChemLab and BioLab are resistant to water, stains, impact and heat.”

“In addition, our toilet cubicles have simple lines, rebated doors and no dirt traps, allowing for a high standard of cleanliness,” says Troy.