October 24, 2016.

Minimalist Resco Cubicles Ideal for Wellington Airport Extension.

Wellington Airport Terminal South Extension Project architect Katherine Skipper (principal, Warren and Mahoney) explains the recently completed extension called for two new toilet areas and the refurbishment of an existing one. Says Katherine: “It was important to ensure these blended with the other toilet areas in the airport.” In addition Katherine says she recognises the toughness and suitability of solid core Compact Laminate Resco cubicles in such a high use area.

Opting for basic white colour Resco cubicles, modified to match others in use, resulted in achieving the desired minimal look. “We used a bold tile that we wanted to feature, so the cubicles needed to be plain with clean lines and finishing.”

Warren and Mahoney have a long and ongoing relationship with Wellington Airport. Katherine Skipper has been acknowledged for her work on the extensions, engaging with clients and consultants as the complexities of designing and detailing within the environment of an operating airport are worked through.

For her part, Katherine says she is impressed with the “diligence” of the Resco team and the service and support provided. “They even made a complete miniature mock-up and delivered it. Fair to say they made it easy to specify the Resco system.”

Resco general manager Troy Henriques points out the range of factors that ensure Wellington Airport’s new and refurbished restroom facilities would endure, with style. An anti-graffiti formulation is part of the Resco product’s surface and all Resco panels contain Antibac, an innovative bacteria-repelling compound that kills 99 percent of bacteria within two hours of contact, for the lifetime of the panel. Simple lines, rebated doors and no dirt traps allowed a high standard of cleanliness he says.