November 1, 2018.

Resco Compact Laminate properties “outstanding” at Wanganui Collegiate.

The first major refit of boys’ boarding houses ablution facilities in at least thirty years is underway at Wanganui Collegiate School with Harvey and Hadfield House completed in June and work set to commence on Selwyn and Grey Houses in November.

Facility manager Robin McGhie, employed last year to oversee a substantial “long overdue and well-received” refresh throughout the historic school, says all concerned are delighted with the finished result in the bathrooms and toilets of Harvey and Hadfield Houses. “It looks smart, it is practical, and the boys will take great pride in the new facilities,” says Robin.

The boys are aged between Year 9 and Year 13, so it is a reasonable supposition the ablution areas are subject to high use and rugged wear. “We chose the hardiest cubicles available with the Resco Storm system.”

Wet area walls are covered with Resco Multicom panels and Multicom has also been used as a tough front lining for the new basin vanities. Robin says while toughness was the foremost consideration when choosing Resco, the ease of cleaning and antibacterial qualities of the Resco Compact Laminate products are highly desirable and he has no doubt they will continue with the company as the school-wide upgrade progresses. “The Resco product properties are quite outstanding.

Robin says the Resco company are professional to work with and they have a quick turnaround once product is ordered. He notes the advantage of working with a “proven system”, and says “they have certainly done their research”. The installation of the Multicom wall panels is an example of this with the time-saving system of battens being placed then the panels simply glued using a specialised product, Robin says. “The sheets are large so you can cover a big wall quickly, saving labour costs.”