November 13, 2016.

Antimicrobial Technology Takes Hygiene in Public Areas to a New Level.

The proven antibacterial properties of Resco’s Compact Laminate cubicle systems and wall panelling have been extended to include all Resco’s cubicle hardware. A new partnership with Metlam Ltd, a leading international supplier of toilet block hardware, allows Resco’s standard antibacterial toilet and shower partitioning system qualities to include all touch points such as indicator bolts, coat hooks and hinges.

This means the active bacteria-killing properties of Resco’s Compact Laminate panels have, for the first time on the New Zealand market, been matched by antibacterial fittings and hardware. Resco’s ground-breaking and innovative Antibac antimicrobial protection (BioCote silver ion technology) reduces levels of bacteria on surfaces by up to 99% in just 2 hours and 99.99% within 24 hours, and is effective against a wide range of microbes. (Tested under: International standard JIS Z 2801:2000)

Says Resco general manager Troy Henriques: “We believe that this technology will significantly benefit our customers in toilet and shower blocks. Toilet blocks have long since been known to be hot beds for germs. Everyone comes into contact with toilet partition panels and hardware when they use public, workplace or institutional toilets. That’s why we feel that this technology is perfect for our products and customers.”

Troy points out buildings with Resco ablution and toilet systems installed will give the facility owners and users significantly more value through:

  • Cleaner and safer environments
  • Increase in staff productivity with a reduction of sick leave
  • Cleaning and maintenance of spaces easier and more thorough
  • Continuous hygiene support for facilities with cleaners only attending once a day
  • Exceptional peace-of-mind for organisations such as hospitals, schools, laboratories and aged care facilities