February 8, 2016.

Resco Cubicles Endure with Style at Novotel Auckland Airport.

A colour palette informed by New Zealand resulted in a striking look for the Novotel Auckland Airport restrooms, fitted with Resco Compact Laminate cubicles.

Top of the Resco range, the Series 5000 cubicle system was used for the ground floor and second floor restrooms in the award-winning hotel. The dramatic black in both the panelling and framing connects with the natural colour narrative used throughout the hotel, which was informed during design by the New Zealand landscape and identity, says architect Jonathan Hewlett.

Principal with the Auckland firm Warren and Mahoney, Jonathan Hewlett believes the benefits of opting for Resco’s quality, durability and longevity in such high-use areas are clear. “Five years on, it is still looking as good as it did on the day it was completed,” he says. “We are very satisfied.”

During design and construction, Warren and Mahoney worked with Resco to ensure the robust Compact Laminate product was used to best effect. “Even something as straightforward as a cubicle must be considered,” explains Jonathan. “It may seem like a small detail, but it is important that even the toilet cubicles fit in with the whole narrative.”

Resco product specialist Troy Henriques points to the spread of factors that ensure the Novotel Auckland Airport restroom facilities endure with style. An anti-graffiti formulation is part of the Resco product’s surface, and all Resco panels contain Antibac, an innovative new bacteria-repelling compound that kills 99% of bacteria within two hours of contact, for the lifetime of the panel. In addition, simple lines, rebated doors and no dirt traps allow for a high standard of cleanliness.

Troy adds, “We only use rugged, solid core Compact Laminate. Our pre-finished panels are water, impact and graffiti resistant and extremely low maintenance.”