July 31, 2018.

Church’s Vision for a Design Fusion Incorporates Resco’s Black Hardware.

Faith City Church creates stylish “community hub” utilising Resco Compact Laminate restroom range.

The new church space situated in the Manukau CBD was completed in December 2017. Faith City leaders sold their former warehouse building to establish in the central South Auckland location and refashion the building’s interior for their purposes, including a 340 seat church meeting space.

Their vision is to function blending the many cultures within the community and connect with the existing urban commercial and retail movement around the site says church operations manager Paul Firth. “We are really pleased, it is looking good,” says Paul.

Resilient Resco Compact Laminate Series 5000 toilet partitions and Resco’s classy new black-coloured hardware (including door indicators, hinges, cost hooks) were chosen upon the recommendation of Pocket Space Interiors director Laura Lochhead. Laura designed all the interiors of the church fitout and Paul says the wood, concrete and black colour blend flow within the building is evident and pleasing, right down to the Resco black hardware and other black restroom items such as hand driers and soap dispensers.

“Resco gave us a great flexibility in design and they are well-known and trusted in the industry for the reliability of their product,” says Paul. The church also appreciates the ease of cleaning that features with Resco products he says, all of which contain antibacterial properties. “Our cleaning is in-house, so we know first-hand how easy it is.”

Dealing with the company is also easy says Paul. “We have found Resco people to be helpful and open to communicate with. We had to replace one partition due to an error on our part and appreciated how timely their response was.”

Resco product specialist Troy Henriques says he is pleased to see the full use of the company’s new black hardware range to such smart effect and noted the Resco Compact Laminate cubicles would withstand the heavy use of the busy church whilst retaining their stylish looks.