January 17, 2018.

Robust existing Resco Compact Laminate facilities influence Dilworth School choice.

Resco toilet cubicles installed 15 years ago have endured so Resco’s Compact Laminate products chosen for main block renovation.

The three-campus Auckland school’s main senior school toilet block, which was 40 years old, was refurbished this winter. School caretaker Peter Hargraves says it was an obvious choice for Dilworth to use Resco Compact Laminate toilet partitions and wall linings to replace the aging plastered concrete walls and partitions.

Says Peter: “One of the main things we looked at was how well the Resco cubicles (used elsewhere in the school 15 years ago) had worn. They’d had very heavy use and have held up well.”

This time, the school opted for the Resco Storm cubicle system, an update style-wise on the Resco Series 7000; both are the company’s strongest systems. The refurbishment also included Resco Multicom Compact Laminate on the walls, meaning all surfaces offered the Resco anti-graffitti and anti-bacterial advantages so valued by facility owners, users and cleaners.

Peter Hargraves says they had some specific requirements – such as space constraints necessitating the cubicle doors opening outwards, and that specifically Year 10-13 boys would be using the facilities – and appreciated the competency of the Resco sales, technical and installation staff in ensuring Dilworth achieved the desired result.

“We’ve only had two small lots of graffiti so far and they’ve both just wiped off as promised. The doors and hinge systems need to cope with large bodies and the odd chin up!” says Peter. In addition, he says the impermeable Resco Compact Laminate material means despite the ablution block being potentially damp, no moisture is held and cleaning is easy.

Resco technical specialist Troy Henriques says like so many of Resco’s school customers, Dilworth staff were aware of the potential for high use and abuse of the refurbished toilet facility. “We confidently offer lengthy guarantees for our Compact Laminate and hardware products.”

Of special note with the Dilworth job was the school’s desire to retain the old pezo floor tiles. As the photos show, these sit well with the chosen colours for the Resco products: Storm Cubicles, Grey Speckled; Aluminium, Silver Pearl; Multicom wall panelling, Grey Speckled.