September 10, 2015.

Queenstown International Airport’s upgrade.

The ability to retain a stylish and fresh appearance was vital in the choice of product for the restroom facility cubicles of Queenstown International Airport’s upgrade, completed in June 2015.

Resco’s solid core Compact Laminate Series 5000 cubicles were the choice of Architect John Rogers of Wellington firm CCM Architects, who said he was impressed with the support and attention to detail offered by the Resco team.
“They were very proactive and helpful,” said John. “They even went as far as supplying a detailed sample which explained all the connection details and components; all those things an architect wants to know about.”

John required a slightly longer cubicle than the standard size and this was achieved by Resco’s team despite still providing the economy of using the stock size panels. The dark brown coloured front panels were complemented by a light vertical wood grain finish Compact Laminate to the divider panels inside. “We didn’t want it to be dark inside each cubicle,” explained John. Resco powder-coated the aluminium trims to match, ensuring a streamlined, uniform look.

The collaboration and communication with Resco during the planning and design process was appreciated, and ensured there were no curve balls. “The installation went exactly as they said it would, exactly as I expected, and the clients are very happy with the finished appearance,” said John.

Resco product specialist Troy Henriques pointed out the spread of factors that ensured the Queenstown International Airport restroom facilities would endure, with style. An anti-graffiti formulation was part of the Resco products surfaces and all Resco panels contained Antibac, an innovative new bacteria-repelling compound that killed 99% of bacteria within two hours of contact, for the lifetime of the panel. Simple lines, rebated doors and no dirt traps allowed a high standard of cleanliness he said.

Troy added: “We only use rugged, solid core Compact Laminate. Our pre-finished panels are water, impact and graffiti resistant and extremely low maintenance.”