Janury, 2020

Highest Grade Resco Compact Laminate Lab Surfaces at NorthTec.

Resco’s Chemlab benchtops passing the toughest tests in high-use tertiary facility in Whangarei.

In 2017 a refurbishment of science area facilities began at NorthTec Tai Tokerau Wānanga, to ensure Health and Safety at Work Act standards were met and to uphold the Code of Practise for CRI and University Exempt laboratories.

After thoroughly investigating all laboratory benchtop options, Lab Manager Daniel Roecken chose Resco’s toughest product, the 16mm ChemLab, for the tertiary education facility’s upgrade in their Chemistry Laboratory. Impressed with the product, price and Resco service, Daniel continued to include Resco Chemlab benchtops in NorthTec’s applied science department Balance Room upgrade in 2018 and Prep Room this year. Next year Chemlab benches will go into the Biology Laboratory area.

Chemlab is an exceptionally hardwearing high-grade product for high chemical use, made from specialised Compact Laminate. The Electron Beam Cured surface ensures extra stain resistance and superior hygiene qualities.

Accepting that most students are “novices and newcomers” to tertiary level chemical use, Daniel ensures NorthTec have sound and strict safety policies in place, however, he says, “I have been in there and seen it myself, some spillages are unavoidable when you are learning.” Daniel says the toughness of the Chemlab benches give great peace of mind. “They are really easy to clean and the non-absorbent (Resco Chemlab) benchtop surfaces are holding up very well. We are truly pleased with the product and that’s why we continue to choose it.”

NorthTec has up to 250 science students using the facilities each year undertaking a variety of qualifications including NZ Diploma in Environmental Management and Bachelor of Applied Science.

Resco’s product specialist Clayton Smith points out Resco’s 10 year guarantee on panel integrity and affirms the Chemlab benchtops are chemical, impact, scratch, water and heat resistant.