May 1, 2018.

Resco Compact Laminate in $20 million Mangere school redevelopment.

No more pre-fabs and leaky buildings for Koru School – built-to-last emphasis includes Resco toilet cubicles and wall linings.

Established with pre-fab buildings in 1978 and originally known as “Mangere 4 School”, Koru School eventually had permanent structures but they have had to be replaced due to leaky building issues.

A two-storey learning space for over 600 pupils has been in use since March 2017 and this includes toilets on both levels fitted out with Resco Series 7000 cubicles and Resco Multicom wall linings. School property manager Simon Jackson says past experience with old toilet cubicles “falling apart” and some past student behaviour meant “we needed strength” therefore Resco “ticked all the strong, durable boxes”.

“Vandalism meant we had previously been spending a lot of time and money repairing things and we haven’t had to since the new (Resco) toilets have been in use,” says Simon. Graffiti – and there is some – is wiping off easily thanks to the anti-graffiti compound in the Resco Compact Laminate. Equally, all Resco products contain an anti-bacterial agent which, combined with flush surfaces ensures a high level of hygiene can be economically but thoroughly achieved.

The toilets in the classroom block are stylish in all black says Simon; “they wouldn’t look out of place in a flash hotel, but the colour does show up every mark, so we have to be on point with our cleaning.”

Rest rooms in the new administration and staff building also contain Resco Compact Laminate products, with the same colour cubicles but white Multicom panelling on the walls.

Resco product special Troy Henriques commented on the Koru School job: “Resco’s Series 7000 system is particularly useful in rough use and high abuse environments. Using this system with our Multicom wall panelling makes the rooms a complete space that can cope with the knocks of a school environment.