Our comprehensive range of combination units includes 2 in 1 paper towel dispenser and waste bin receptacle and 3 in1 units with hand dryer addition. Our range offers solutions for varying bin capacities with both recessed and surfaced mounted options available as well as removable stainless steel waste containers. With Disabled Compliant (AS1428) options available, Metlam has the right product and solution for any project requirement.

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ANMB-725AR & ML725-AR Ellipse Towel Dispenser
ML-Eclipse Designer, SS & White Towel Dispenser
ML-ECLIPSE-3N1REC-D Combination Unit
ML-Eco73N1REC Paper Towel Combination Uint
ML-Eco73N1SM Paper Towel Combination Unit
ML706REC-MK2 Towel Dispenser & Waste
ML706SM-MK2 Towel Dispenser & Waste
ML707REC-MK2 Towel Dispenser & Waste
ML707SM-MK2 Towel Dispenser & Waste
ML710REC-MK2 Towel Dispenser & Waste
ML710SM-MK2 Towel Dispenser & Waste