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BioLab is Ideal for medium grade laboratories. Using a specialised Compact Laminate, MultiLab® is the perfect solution for Laboratory benches. Its exceptional finish is resistant to water, most chemicals, stains, impact and heat (up to 180c), making it ideal for laboratory and commercial use. Check our Product info guide (which includes comprehensive testing results), and speak to our team to ensure the right choice for your particular application.

Our Laboratory bench options are recommended for:

  • Education facilities (schools, universities, etc.)
  • Health facilities (e.g. hospitals)
  • Commercial buildings
  • Physical laboratories
  • Biological laboratories
  • Clinical laboratories
  • Chemical laboratories

Specifications are available on our website or on masterspec 5214

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Resco Offers 2 lab bench options: MaiLab Bio is a cost effective bench options while Mailab chem is a higher grade bench options